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Who am I?

I’m a freelance Web Designer and Developer with a thrill to create functional and simple web. I have 5+ years of experience in creating and management online projects.

With knowledge of my friends and colleges we do following: Web Design and Development, E-commerce, Graphic Design, Photo and Video Production, SMM, Copywriting, Identity and Branding.

Web Design and Development, E-commerce, Graphic Design, Photo and Video Production, SMM, Copywriting, Identity and Branding.


Analysis is the key for a successful project. I spend most of the time on research and choosing the right visual language for target audience. I always test different animations, colors, fonts to achieve best result.

About Me

I am passionate about stunning UX that works on every platform on any screen. I love animations and small elements that create unique look of every project.

Price for Design and Development of a Landing Page starts from 900€ and usually takes 1-2 week.

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    Asset 4

    Easy Nostra

    This website was built for best Czech to Russian translator Roman Hujer.

    Quick info

    Time to create

    3 weeks



    Unique Elements

    Order form, students portal, email template

    00 Process

    After extremely successful renovation of original Roman website,  we got an idea to build a dedicated page for students. Main aim of creation was to simplify life for both: students who better do everything online and busy Roman who need to call every student being on an exam. From this point I decided to create uber functional order form. Bigger part of design concept was created by Vitaly. I did all development and small design tweaks.

    01 Form

    Via this form students can:

    1. Choose oral or written translation
    2. In oral translation select city, school, up to 6 subjects 
    3. For each subject select date and time.

    02 Student's section

    Another great feature of this website is students portal. It’s password protected so only students who have ordered translation have access to the section. Password is sent to them in confirmation email. In this section students can:

    1. Download translated questions from each subject from almost all schools
    2. Register on a free consultation 
    3. Check small chat to share experience on exams

    03 Logo and business card

    This project would not be finished if brilliant Danil didn’t create logo and business card. 

    House of Hedonism

    This web is all about authentic travel

    Quick info

    Time to create

    8 weeks




    Full web development + video shooting.

    00 Process

    The name of this project speaks for itself. It was born to give people new emotions, new experience and mainly to reload yourself while chilling somewhere in apart hotel. From very beginning we decided that it should be a top notch looking web. With all new possibilities of animations, overlay menu and so on. 

    01 Photos

    This project heavily relies on photo content. I didn’t want to use icons or other graphical elements on purpose. It should be natural beauty of everything that you can meet on a tour. Huge thanks to Pavel, who allowed us to use all beautiful landscapes.

    I also did a deep research all over photo stocks to find true gems among boring images.

    02 Video

    I also had a chance to shot a beautiful short film for Tuscany tour. Video will appear hear soon.