BAK Development

Modern real estate

Time to create

1 month


Design and Development

00 Google sheets sync

Clients wanted to use google tables as primary data source, so website would synchronise prices and other meta automatically. I created custom post type and category to easily add new flats and projects. There is some static meta that is stored on the website server so as not to make unnecessary requests to Google and optimise page loading speed.

01 Dynamic PDF generation

PDFs are also using some of google tables data to dynamically generate document. So when new flat is added PDF automatically generates on download button. We created one versatile template that works well with different number of rooms and pictures. This makes life much easier to update and maintain website, especially when you have lots of flats and you need to change price quickly on all of them tweaking only one parameter in google table.

02 Mortgage calculator

Below main information of each flat I developed handy mortgage calculator that also dynamically displays flat price and calculates average monthly payment amount.