Easy Nostra

This website was built for the best Czech to Russian translator Roman Hujer.

Time to create

3 weeks


Design and Web Development, SEO, Online Marketing

00 Process

After an extremely successful renovation of the original Roman website, we got an idea to build a dedicated page for students. The main aim of creation was to simplify life for both: students who better do everything online and busy Roman who need to call every student being on an exam. From this point, I decided to create a functional order form. Most of the design concept was created by Vitaliy. I did all development and small design tweaks. Maryna wrote all texts including email auto-responses and ordering form.

01 Form

Via this form students can: Choose oral or written translation In oral translation select city, school, up to 6 subjects For each subject select date and time.

02 Student's section

Another great feature of this website is the student portal. It’s password-protected so only students who have ordered translation have access to the section. The password is sent to them in the confirmation email. In this section students can: Download translated questions from each subject from almost all schools Register on a free consultation Check small chat to share experience on exams

03 Logo and business card

This project would not be finished if brilliant Danil didn’t create logo and business card design.