House of hedonism

This web is about authentic travel

Time to create

8 weeks


Full Web Development + Photo & Video

00 Process

The name of this project speaks for itself. It was born to give people new emotions, new experiences, and mainly to reload yourself while having a journey in aparthotel. From the very beginning, the client decided that it should be a top-notch looking web. With all-new possibilities of animations, overlay menu, and so on.

01 Photos

This project heavily relies on photo content. I didn’t want to use icons or other graphical elements on purpose. It should be a natural beauty of everything that you can meet on a tour. Huge thanks to Pavel, who allowed us to use all the beautiful landscapes. I also did deep research all over photo stocks to find true gems among boring images.

02 Video

I also had a chance to shoot a beautiful short film for the Tuscany tour. The video will appear here soon.