Vas Podolog

Complex e-shop to keep nails healthy

Time to create

2 months


Design and Development

00 Redesign

When I took over this website it has several problems with design and functionality. I stick to existing logo and took accent color and heading font from it. It was a start. Then I decided to go with white background and photos from the studio. This way clients would feel safe and secure and probably it would be easier for them to reserve an appointment or buy products.

01 E-shop and learning platform

E-shop has two main categories here – courses and products. Let’s start with products.

Svetlana has special products and discounts available only for professionals with VAT number. If client wants to apply for it, he needs to register and wait for an approval. Svetlana can quickly check all necessary information with one click from email and then approve a new PRO user. Now PRO user can add special products to cart and have discounted prices on selected products. Plus there is a special PRO section and courses can be now added to the cart. Let’s dive deeper with courses.

Svetlana has two types of courses – online and present form. For each of these types different payments methods are shown during checkout and unique emails and thank you pages are applied. Each course has it’s own expiry time, so access to course revokes automatically after certain days pass. I also rebuilt admin panel for easier access to courses.

02 Emails

There are lots of different emails that are sent to customers and administrators. Not talking about basic emails after purchasing or lost password, there are couple of interesting things here. For example, when customer apply for a PRO user account he will get an email confirming his request. After approvement he will get another greeting email with a link to PRO section. Another example could be a reminder that access to course will be revoked soon.

I made simple HTML template for each email and made sure that it works perfectly with dark mode on all popular email clients.