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Analysis is the key for a successful project. I spend most of the time on research and choosing the right visual language for target audience. I always test different animations, colors and fonts that

About Me

I help small businesses to develop a unique style. I estimate strengths and weaknesses to create strategy for successful development.

Fields: Web Desingn and Development, E-commerce, Graphic Design, Photo and Video Production, SMM, Copywriting, Identity and Branding.

I am passionate about stunning UX that works on every platform on any screen. I love animations and small elements that create unique look of every project.

I always collaborate with professionals in each field to achieve the best possible result. Copywriter, Graphic designer, Programmer, Photographer and Operator are core of my small team.

Price for Design and Development of a Landing Page starts from 900€ and usually takes 1-2 week.

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